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Batman Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • The Commissioner declares Joker's reign of crime over.
  • Knox asks Vicki why she isn't covering the story anymore. Why doesn't she want a picture of Batman?
  • She walks away without answering him.
  • Harvey Dent reads a letter from Batman, which says he will return if crime does.
  • Knox asks how they call him?
  • Simple: they use the new signal Batman gave them—a high-powered spotlight that puts his logo into the sky.
  • Does he pay the electric bill for that thing?
  • As Vicki walks away, she sees Alfred waiting by a car.
  • He lets her into the backseat and tells Vicki that Mr. Wayne might be late.
  • Why? He's busy standing on a building in his Batman costume as if he's about to swoop in and fight crime.
  • Doesn't he know they turned on the signal just as a test run?
  • The end.

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