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Batman Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • In Grissom's penthouse lair, he frets that Harvey Dent will link his crime business to Axis Chemical. (A company with the name Axis is bad? Really?!)
  • Jack advises they break into the Axis office and steal all the records, making it look like sabotage.
  • Grissom is like, yes, that's the best idea ever.
  • Hmm, that was easy.
  • In fact, Grissom likes it so much he thinks Jack should handle the operation.
  • Jack tries to back out, but Grissom isn't letting Jack off the hook that easy.
  • When Jack leaves, Grissom picks up the phone and says to himself, "My friend, your luck is about to change."
  • He picks up the phone and asks for Lt. Eckhardt.

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