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Batman Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The fundraiser at Bruce Wayne's mansion is huge.
  • It looks like he has transported all of Monte Carlo into his ballroom.
  • Gotham's finest gamble and chat.
  • Vicki Vale asks Bruce Wayne where she can find Bruce Wayne, and he says he's not sure. Tricky.
  • Knox attempts to interview Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent about the bat at the craps table.
  • He doesn't get a comment.
  • When the Commissioner is called away on urgent business, Knox and Vicki attempt to find him elsewhere in Bruce's mansion.
  • They find a huge armory and gossip about Bruce, not realizing he's right behind them, lurking as if he's Batman or something.
  • Bruce interrupts their gossip to introduce himself.
  • He doesn't understand why Vicki Vale would be interested in Batman after returning to the states from a job photographing a war zone.
  • Before she can defend herself, Alfred the butler says Bruce is needed elsewhere.
  • Bruce leaves, and Knox and Vicki continue admiring his armor, not realizing that Bruce is watching them through his mansion's network of hidden cameras.
  • Bruce rewinds the tape in which Commissioner Gordon is told that someone is clearing out Axis Chemicals.
  • This could be a job for a bat.

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