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Batman Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • At Axis Chemicals, Lt. Eckhardt advises his men to "shoot to kill."
  • Inside, Jack's men crack open the safe and find it‚Ķempty.
  • He realizes he's been ratted out.
  • Before you can say, "Should have seen that coming," a gunfight breaks out between the thugs and the police.
  • Commissioner Gordon arrives and announces that he wants Jack Napier taken alive.
  • You can practically hear Napier say, "You'll never take me alive, copper!" as he starts pulling every level in the chemical plant to create a smokescreen for his escape.
  • Batman arrives, and Gordon realizes the legend of the bat is real.
  • A chase ensues, ending when Batman has Jack Napier in his grasp.
  • But a thug corners Gordon and Batman lets Jack go to save Gordon's life. Very diplomatic.
  • Napier isn't as diplomatic. He shoots and kills Lt. Eckhardt.
  • When he turns back, Batman is lurking behind him.
  • He fires at Batman, but the bullet ricochets off Batman's wrist cuffs (must have borrowed them from Wonder Woman) and hits Napier in the face.
  • He falls off the catwalk into a vat of toxic chemicals.
  • Batman creates a smokescreen and escapes.
  • And a grisly hand reaches out the top of the chemical vat. He's alive. He's alliiiiiiive.

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