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Batman Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • In the newsroom, Vicki and Knox try to figure out Batman's pattern.
  • Knox tries to spin their business relationship into a dinner, but Vale turns him down.
  • She's already got a date: with Bruce Wayne.
  • Guy's a bajillionaire, but he invites her to his house on a first date. What a cheapskate.
  • She can barely hear him talk from the other end of his dining room table, which is about a mile long.
  • Bruce acknowledges how awkward dinner is, and they relocate to a more intimate table in the kitchen.
  • Alfred regales Vicki with embarrassing stories about Bruce's childhood.
  • She's already meeting the man who is virtually his grandfather. Bruce Wayne moves fast.
  • Vicki observes that the big mansion doesn't "seem like" Bruce at all.
  • He says some of it is (i.e. the Batcave she doesn't know about) and some of it isn't (everything else).

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