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Batman Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • In a seedy surgery, a doctor takes the bandages off Jack Napier's face.
  • Napier demands to see a mirror.
  • He looks in the mirror, and starts sobbing.
  • The doctor tries to tell him that his nerves were completely severed.
  • The sobbing soon turns into unsettling hysterical laughter, and Napier staggers away.
  • Back at Wayne mansion, Bruce Wayne starts macking on Vicki Vale on the stairs.
  • Meanwhile, at Grissom's lair, he has an unexpected visitor.
  • At first he thinks it's his girlfriend, whom he nicknames, "Sugar Bumps."
  • But it isn't. It's Jack Napier and his new face: the face of Joker.
  • He shoots Grissom, killing him. A swift death for a man who calls women "Sugar Bumps."
  • Then Joker dances around, shooting Grissom's dead body multiple times.
  • Back at Wayne mansion, Vicki Vale has seen Bruce Wayne's giant…bed.
  • She falls asleep in his arms, but when she wakes up, Bruce is hanging upside down from an exercise bar, as if he's a human bat. Hmm. Suspicious.
  • At Grissom's office, Joker reads the paper and plots revenge against the "winged freak" who knocked him into acid.

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