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Batman Appearances

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You can't go wrong with a basic black outfit. Whether it's a little black dress, a slick black suit, or a black Kevlar-reinforced body armor with matching black batwings, you'll fit in at any occasion.

In Batman, Batman himself wears all black, except for the bit of jaw-line sticking out of his mask, to better blend in with the shadows. Joker, the bad guy, dresses like a clown – and this was before the clown from It, American Horror Story, or the one staring in your window right now—run.

Joker, who must have borrowed a few items from Prince's wardrobe, doesn't dress to blend in. He's loud, proud, and ready to party. These two prove that you can't judge a hero or a villain by appearances alone.

Questions About Appearances

  1. Why does Joker sometimes disguise himself in flesh-colored makeup to appear "normal," whereas other times he goes out like Joker, green hair and all?
  2. Why does Bruce Wayne choose Batman as his persona? What effect does his appearance have in others?
  3. What is the effect of Joker's cosmetics terrorism? What does it cause people to look like? Why is this Joker's goal?

Chew on This

Batman's costume hides his appearance, creating an air of mystery around him. Conversely, Joker's post-acid appearance is vivid and striking. He flaunts his appearance to cause panic and discord.

The appearance of Gotham City itself mirrors what it is like to live there. The architecture is strange, twisted, and crowded. So are its citizens.

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