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Beauty and the Beast Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

Little Town, It's a Quiet Village

  • Belle walks to town from her home.
  • The town comes to life and enjoys ridiculing and judging that weird, bookish girl from across the creek in song.
  • Gaston enlightens us of his big life plan to marry Belle because she's the most beautiful girl in town, and clearly there's no other girl for him.
  • Gaston confronts Belle as she returns home, adding another dose of small-town misogyny to her morning.
  • A distant explosion coming from Belle's house interrupts Gaston's questionable plan, and Belle scurries off toward home, hoping to find her father in one piece.
  • Belle discovers her father unharmed and tinkering away at one of his inventions.
  • Maurice, her father, does the best he can to share in Belle's day, but the little dude's sweet befuddlement leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The whatchamahoozit that Maurice has been perfecting is done, and Belle sees him off to the fair with it.

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