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Beauty and the Beast Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

Be Careful What You Wish For

  • The next morning, Gaston and LeFou are maintaining what we assume to be a court-ordered 100-yard distance from Belle's house.
  • Gaston announces to his assembled toadies that the wedding will be delayed because he has to go thump the girl on the head and drag her back to his cave. (Gaston isn't the type who can grasp that no might actually really mean no.)
  • Gaston stages a home invasion scenario with what must be his idea of romance, as Belle delicately dodges his monstrously aggressive advances.
  • In a bit of classic cartoon hijinks, Belle manages to eject Gaston from her home as he lunges in to grab her.
  • The guy ends up tumbling into a puddle of mud to join the pigs, who were too good to be seen with Gaston.
  • Gaston throws a temper tantrum and storms off, humiliated but undeterred.
  • Belle emerges to explain the horror to the barnyard animals. Considering what we just witnessed, who can blame her?
  • Cue the "Get Me the Heck out of Here" song.
  • Philippe suddenly appears and does his best impression of Lassie, imparting to Belle that her dad is lost and he might be able to show her where he is.
  • Philippe delivers Belle directly to the towering gates of the Beast's castle.
  • Lumiere and Cogsworth decide to take a subtler approach than they did with Maurice and guide her silently to her father's cell.
  • The Beast shows up and acts like a jerk, but Belle agrees to be his prisoner in exchange for her father's life.
  • Lumiere urges the Beast to behave with a little more kindness, and the Beast decides to take Belle to a suitable guest room rather than a prison cell.
  • The Beast reveals his finest social skills, and Belle is trapped in this new (though admittedly more comfortable) prison.

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