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Beauty and the Beast Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

Gaston Gets Nasty

  • Gaston wallows in his misery at the local lodge, which is festooned with the stuffed heads of Bambi and his friends…all of them.
  • LeFou breaks into a charming ditty that covers what a terrific guy Gaston is and how well he spits.
  • We get some insight into Gaston's disgusting eating habits and his interior design aspirations just before Maurice barges in to ask for help.
  • The townsfolk take Maurice less than seriously and lovingly lift him up just before ejecting him from the establishment to wander helplessly in the snow outside.
  • Gaston, caring man that he is, gets the idea to use Maurice's befuddlement as leverage to convince Belle to enter into a loving marriage based on trust and mutual admiration.

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