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Beauty and the Beast Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

Dinner and a Show

  • We return to an emotionally destroyed Belle. Luckily, there are lots of kindhearted pieces of furniture and dishware ready to make her feel welcome.
  • The Beast awaits her company for dinner with a rather poor display of patience.
  • Lumiere and Mrs. Potts do their best to counsel the Beast until Cogsworth appears with bad news: Belle refuses to leave her room.
  • The Beast throws another impressively adolescent tantrum, further cementing the growing distance from his possible savior.
  • Lumiere is left to guard Belle's room, while the Beast returns to his room to pout.
  • We see the wilting rose and the depth of his despair.
  • Belle sneaks out of her room for a midnight snack and inadvertently wakes the house—we mean this literally.
  • We get an Oscar-nominated musical number where every piece of silverware in the castle flies around, Cirque du Soleil-style, as they deliver a bit of late supper to the table.
  • Cogsworth and Lumiere take Belle on a tour of the castle and fail terribly in keeping her away from the west wing, where the Beast expressly forbade her from going.
  • It's like waving candy in front of a baby. Belle sneaks away from her guides to explore the forbidden corridors, where she discovers the tatters of the Beast's room.
  • Belle is drawn to the light of the enchanted rose and startles the Beast.
  • We get an even more resplendent temper tantrum; Belle decides that nobody got time for that and flees from the castle, across the snow-covered forest.
  • A pack of wolves appears to nibble on Philippe's fetlocks, and Belle is suddenly at the wolves' mercy.
  • The Beast valiantly appears out of the darkness to save them, but the fight leaves him injured and incapacitated.
  • Belle unleashes some offscreen superpowers and manages to lift the Beast's enormous body onto Philippe to return them all to the castle.
  • Belle tends to the Beast's wounds. The Beast behaves like the petulant child we have come to expect, and there is a slight squabble that the Beast actually manages to learn from.
  • Belle thanks the Beast for saving her life.

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