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Beauty and the Beast Appearances

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Love is not about appearances in this movie. In fact, appearances can be very deceiving. That handsome hero type is actually a supreme jerk. The monster actually has a heart of gold. Even Belle, beautiful inside and out, is more than she appears. She's got a brain in her head and a love for books that send the rubes in her little town into a tizzy.

You'll notice that the bad guys in this film, Gaston and his cronies in town, put a great deal of emphasis on appearances. Witness the Unfortunate Marriage Incident, or that odd bald woman trying on wigs in the first scene. Shallow people in this movie look only at what's showing. The wiser ones go deeper than that, looking for the soul despite the fact that it may be owned by a talking tea cup.

Questions About Appearances

  1. How do the characters' appearances reflect their true natures? How do their appearances hide their true natures?
  2. Which features of the servants' new forms reflect their true natures?
  3. How is the Beast's animalistic appearance emphasized in his movements and demeanor?
  4. What do the villagers' appearances tell us about them?

Chew on This

The characters' appearances always reflect their inner selves.

The characters' appearances need to match their inner selves if they are to find harmony.

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