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Beetlejuice Genre

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Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Beetlejuice plays almost every scene for laughs. The Maitlands die? It's kind of funny. Barbara rips her face off? Hilarious. Adam and Barbara turn into ghoulish monsters? We're rolling in the aisles. There's even a classic comedy happy ending.

But Beetlejuice also has a dark, fantastical side. It's a ghost story, after all.

While the Maitlands might not be especially great at scaring people, Betelgeuse is pretty qualified in that department. He attacks the Deetz family as a snake, transforms his arms into hammers to slam people, and almost gets Lydia to marry him. We'd say that qualifies as pretty otherworldly and weird.

Otho's séance scene is probably the most disturbing of all. We've come to love the adorable Maitlands, and to see them resurrected into the wedding clothes and then decay before our eyes is a sad and gruesome sight.

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