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Beetlejuice Fandoms

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Since it came out in 1988, Beetlejuice has been building a small, yet devoted fandom. Hey, you don't make $73 million dollars in movie theaters and not have a few people remember your movie.

First, there's your devoted fansites. The Beetlejuice Wiki shares exhaustive articles about the movie. The Neitherworld has details about the Beetlejuice cartoon series that ran from 1989-1991. And there's a group of fans that are in the process of making a Beetlejuice-inspired documentary about the making of the movie. You can check their site—The Documentary for the Recently Deceased—for more details.

Beetlejuice cosplay is also serious business. Folks love to dress up like the Ghost with the Most. Or Lydia Deetz. Or Miss Argentina. Adam and Barbara are also popular choices. Sometimes the whole family gets in on the deathly act.

One diehard fan even opened a popup museum of Beetlejuice memorabilia, including what he calls the "only Alec Baldwin action figure on the planet that I know of."

Somehow we can believe that.

News dropped in 2016 that Warner Brothers was thinking about producing a Broadway musical based on Beetlejuice. That "Day-O" number must have got some people thinking.

And, of course, fans are always excited (and terrified) by talk of a Beetlejuice sequel. Tim Burton, Winona Ryder, and Michael Keaton have all hinted at this possibility in interviews over the years.

Shmoop will believe it when we see the cameras start rolling again.

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