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Beetlejuice The Dead

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The Dead

We'll dedicate a little space to the other dearly departed here:

Magician's Assistant: Cause of death: being cut in half. As a result, she takes up two seats in the waiting room.

Big-Game Hunter: You'd think a hunting accident would have taken this guy, but it's obvious that a shrunken head is what got him.

Ferndock: The guy in the afterlife waiting room who seems to have choked on a really big bone. Smaller bites next time, guy.

Miss Argentina: The blue-faced receptionist in the afterlife waiting room gives the Maitlands the rundown on all the paperwork they'll need to fill out before they can see their caseworker. She's also much wiser since her little "accident."

Charred Man: He tells Adam he's trying to cut down on smoking while they're both in the waiting room.

Road Kill Man: This guy's really feeling flat when he calls the Maitlands from the waiting room so they can make their way home to meet with Juno.

Janitor: The creepy janitor in the demented hallway might be the least scary person the Maitlands encounter in the afterlife. He does give them some important information about what happens to ghosts who've been exorcised. Spoiler alert: you want to avoid it.

Football Team: These guys don't quite understand that they're dead yet, but Juno is helping them along.

Minister: This creepy little dude tries to marry Lydia and Betelgeuse… and he almost gets to finish.

Witch Doctor: You probably don't wanna mess with a guy who can shrink heads. Betelgeuse finds this out the hard way.

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