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Beetlejuice Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

Interview with Juno

  • The Maitlands are in the waiting room with all the other dead people and Barbara wonders why everyone looks so awful.
  • The receptionist explains that death is very personal—everyone looks the way they looked at the time of their deaths. Of course, that doesn't explain why Adam and Barbara don't look more water-logged.
  • Just then, a flattened guy who obviously met his end when he was run over by a car tells Adam and Barbara they're supposed to go to the sixth door to see Juno.
  • Beyond the waiting room there's more dimly lit office areas with secretaries and skeletons sitting at desks. It's only slightly more demoralizing than a real life office building.
  • The Maitlands wander down a hallway and peek into a room filled with green floating ghosts. A janitor tells them that it's filled with the souls of ghosts that have been exorcised. You don't wanna end up like them.
  • The Maitlands find the sixth door and go through only to find yet another weird space. But here's the surprise—it's their house.
  • Juno appears in the room and tells them that they've been waiting for three months. In that time, Delia's managed to change things up a whole lot.
  • Barbara asks Juno for help getting rid of the Deetzes.
  • Juno tells them that they need to read The Handbook for tips on hauntings. She's confident they can scare the Deetzes out of the home themselves.
  • Barbara asks about that Beetle guy they keep seeing ads for.
  • Juno warns them to not even say his name. She tells the Maitlands that they don't want his help. Turns out that he was Juno's assistant, but that he was actually a huge troublemaker. He's been hanging around the Maitlands cemetery lately so they need to watch out.
  • Juno tells the Maitlands that the only way to call this guy is to say his name three times, but that's definitely not something they want to do.
  • Adam asks how they get in touch with Juno if they need her help again, but she just disappears. That's okay. Adam and Barbara can do this. They're gonna get rid of the Deetzes themselves.

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