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Beetlejuice Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13


  • It's evening and Charles is on the phone with Maxie Dean. The two men used to do business together when Charles still lived in New York before his nerves got the best of him.
  • Charles is trying to convince Maxie to come up to Winter River, Connecticut and see the town. There's tons of real estate here and they could purchase it on the cheap. It could be the next big thing.
  • Maxie isn't interested.
  • When Charles hears moaning in the hallway outside his study, he has to cut his phone call short. He opens the study door to see Adam standing there with a sheet over his head.
  • Of course, Charles thinks it's Lydia and he scolds her for interrupting his phone call and cutting holes in Delia's $300 sheets.
  • So this is the Maitlands big plan to get rid of the Deetzes. Barbara doesn't think putting sheets over their heads and going through the house moaning is such a great idea, but it's all they've got. So the Maitlands make their way into Delia's bedroom.
  • They moan and groan until a sleeping Delia sits up in her bed and uses the remote to turn off the TV.
  • Adam and Barbara go out into the hallway where they run into Lydia who starts to take pictures of them with her Polaroid camera. When she sees that the two ghosts don't have any feet in the pictures, she figures out that these are the ones who've been hiding in the attic.
  • Barbara and Adam take off their sheets and realize that Lydia can see them without the sheets on.
  • Lydia explains that she's been reading The Handbook. It says that "living people ignore the strange and unusual" but Lydia tells the Maitlands that she's actually strange and unusual so that's probably why she has ghost vision.
  • The Maitlands take Lydia up to see the attic and explain that they're trying to scare the Deetzes away from the house.
  • Lydia says that there's no way her father is gonna leave. Charles Deetz does not walk away from equity.
  • As Lydia heads out, she offers them one more tip—they're gonna need a new haunting strategy. The sheet idea isn't working.

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