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Beetlejuice Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14


  • As Delia's cooking in the kitchen the next day, Lydia tries to tell her that the house is haunted—she even shows her pictures of Adam and Barbara—but Delia isn't buying it. She's much too worried about her fancy dinner party that night.
  • Sigh. Adam and Barbara are gonna have to take matters into their own hands. Maybe it's time to try that Beetlemeyer guy?
  • Up in the attic, Barbara sees a glow coming from the model town. She tells Adam, "It's Betelgeuse." She says his name a second time. Adam tells her to go ahead and say it a third time.
  • They get transported inside the model where they see a flashing sign pointing to Betelgeuse's grave. Looks like they're gonna have to dig him out.
  • Adam and Barbara take shovels and dig down until they uncover a coffin that reads "Betelgeuse." The coffin rattles and out pops a scruffy-looking ghost with white skin and black circles around his eyes.
  • Right away, it's obvious to the Maitlands that they've made a colossal mistake. Betelgeuse is rude, crude, and fast-talking. He kisses and gropes Barbara and tries to worm himself right in with the Maitlands.
  • Adam tries to slow things down by asking Betelgeuse if he can be scary and he makes snakes explode out of his face. Yes, he can be scary.
  • Barbara wants to leave, but Adam thinks Betelgeuse could be useful. He may be insane, but he clearly is terrifying.
  • Betelgeuse obviously doesn't want to Maitlands to go and keeps insisting they have tons in common. He even mentions how much he hates sandworms.
  • Finally, Betelgeuse spins his head around and Barbara has had enough. She says, "Home, Home, Home" and she and Adam are back in the attic again.
  • Adam's got a feeling that's not the end of Betelgeuse.
  • Never mind him though… Barbara's got an idea for Delia's dinner party tonight.

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