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Beetlejuice Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

The Dinner Party

  • That night at Delia's dinner party, the guests make strained conversation.
  • Otho reveals that he used to be one of New York City's leading paranormal researchers. Then Lydia mentions that she saw some ghosts.
  • The last thing Delia wants to talk about is how this house is haunted. It's time for a new subject. She would rather talk about—"DAY-O!"
  • When Delia opens her mouth she starts to sing with Harry Belafonte's voice. She also looks pretty confused.
  • Otho thinks it's cute. Charles laughs and looks under the table. Then he unwillingly joins in with Delia's singing and dancing.
  • Soon, the other four guests at the dinner table are up and dancing along to the song, too.
  • Lydia's the only one who doesn't get in on the act, but she seems to know who's pulling the strings. She moves over to the corner to watch.
  • This is probably the most famous scene from this entire movie and it's really worth watching again if you haven't seen it in a while.
  • The whole thing finally ends when all six guests sit down and their shrimp cocktails reach up like hands and grab them by their faces to push them backwards in their chairs. Okay, now that's really freaking scary.
  • Up in the attic, Adam and Barbara laugh with delight. They must have really scared the pants off those dinner guests.
  • They rush over to the window to watch them run to their cars in fear. That should be happening at any second… any second…
  • Just then, there's a knock on the attic door. It's Lydia. Delia would like Adam and Barbara to come down and meet the guests.

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