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Beetlejuice Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16


  • Downstairs the Deetzes and their guests are loving the ghostly entertainment.
  • Charles sees this as a money-making opportunity. People will pay loads to come to a haunted house and see proof of ghosts, right?
  • Otho mentions that Charles can finally get Maxie Dean to come to Connecticut. His wife, Sarah, loves the supernatural. If Charles can produce ghosts for her, she'll have Maxie up there in a New York minute.
  • But Delia's agent, Bernard, isn't totally convinced. He needs a little more proof. More proof than being possessed into doing the Calypso, you mean?
  • Just then, Lydia comes downstairs and delivers the bad news. The ghosts won't be joining the rest of the guests to perform for their amusement. Seems as though their feelings have been hurt.
  • Bernard and the other guests are disappointed and wind up leaving. Delia's furious and demands that Lydia take them upstairs so she can show these no-show ghosts who's boss.
  • But when everyone arrives in the attic, Adam and Barbara are gone.
  • Charles is pretty interested in the model town.
  • Otho happens to notice the copy of The Handbook for the Recently Deceased which he secretly takes with him when he leaves the attic.
  • Delia's embarrassed by the fact that the Maitlands are missing, but really hopes that they come back soon.
  • And where have the Maitlands gone? They're just hanging out the window. Things are getting really desperate.

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