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Beetlejuice Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

Make My Millennium

  • The Maitlands understand that the Betelgeuse snake incident was bad, but maybe the Deetzes will finally go away now. Here's hoping.
  • For now, Betelgeuse is still in the model town ready to give them an earful. He tells the Maitlands that he's a professional and they interrupted him while he was working. The nerve.
  • Barbara is ticked. She wants to get rid of the Deetzes, but she doesn't want them dead. Even as a ghost, she's still the sweet, thoughtful person she was in life.
  • Whatever. Betelgeuse is done helping them. He's more interested in getting to know the girl in black—Lydia.
  • Barbara tells Betelgeuse to leave Lydia alone, but his mind is already on other things. He's wondering where he can get some action in the afterlife.
  • Right on cue, a house of ill repute appears out of nowhere. It's got busty ladies dressed as devils, loud music, and signs advertising "Girls, Girls, Girls."
  • Betelgeuse congratulates Adam on his model town design, but Adam swears he didn't build the best little whorehouse in Winter River.
  • Just then, a gust of wind comes through and the Maitlands are whisked away from the attic.

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