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Beetlejuice Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

Lydia Meets Betelgeuse

  • Lydia comes up to the attic to leave her suicide note, but the Maitlands are gone.
  • She finds Betelgeuse relaxing in the bordello in the model town.
  • He mentions that he needs help getting out of the model. She just needs to say his name three times.
  • Trick is, he can't tell her his name. But she can guess it by playing charades. So he makes a big beetle appear behind her and then a glass of orange juice.
  • Lydia eventually guesses "Betelgeuse" and then asks again if his name is "Betelgeuse" before recognizing the name and realizing that this is same guy who turned into a snake on the stairs. Lydia says she needs to talk to Barbara before she says his name a third time.
  • Betelgeuse is pretty ticked and insists that she just say his name again.
  • Meanwhile, Barbara and Adam are on their way back from the other side and are still sporting their scary faces. Barbara's sad at the thought of driving Lydia away from the house. Could they all find a way to live together?
  • Adam and Barbara enter the attic to find Lydia and Betelgeuse arguing. Their freaky faces frighten her for a second, but she recovers and tells them what happened.
  • Lydia explains that she wants to die, too, so she can be with them.
  • Nope. Being dead is a one-way ticket to problems, Barbara and Adam explain.
  • Besides, Adam and Barbara have decided that they're not gonna try to scare away Lydia's family anymore. They're just gonna live with them.
  • Just then, Charles and Otho come upstairs. They're there to take the model town for the presentation to Maxie Dean.
  • Lydia tells Adam and Barbara that she's going to find out exactly what's going on. We don't like the sound of this.

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