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Beetlejuice Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

Otho's Séance

  • Downstairs, Charles gives his presentation to Maxie and Sarah Dean about how amazing Winter River could be if it were a ghostly attraction.
  • Maxie doesn't look impressed. He and Sarah are clearly just there for the supernatural happenings.
  • When Lydia comes downstairs, she announces that the ghosts are gone. Maybe they would come back if the family agreed to be nice to them and not try to show them off for company or make them part of an amusement park. Good luck with that, Lydia.
  • That's okay. Lydia isn't the only way they can get the ghosts to appear. Charles and Delia have also got Otho.
  • Otho reveals that he's been reading The Handbook for the Recently Deceased and he's going to need some personal items from Adam and Barbara. Luckily, Delia didn't send everything to Goodwill.
  • Everyone except Lydia sits around the dining room table for a séance. Adam and Barbara's wedding clothes are in the middle of the table.
  • Otho starts chanting a bunch of nonsense, but it works—Barbara disappears from the attic and reappears in her wedding dress downstairs. She also starts to age and decompose in front of everyone.
  • The same thing also happens to Adam. He disappears from the attic, appears in his wedding clothes, and starts to age and rot right on top of the dining room table with Barbara. They look at each other helplessly.
  • Lydia is in a panic. Even Delia and Charles realize this is not the outcome they were hoping for. They ask Otho to stop what he's doing, but he can't. He's in way over his head.
  • Lydia realizes she can't just sit there and watch Adam and Barbara decompose before her eyes. She got to do something. Anything.

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