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Beetlejuice Scene 24

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Scene 24

Scene 24

Marriage of Inconvenience

  • Betelgeuse starts cracking jokes, but no one's really in the mood to laugh.
  • He does keep up his end of the deal and helps the Maitlands.
  • He also stops Otho as he's leaving and changes his clothes into a baby blue leisure suit. Now that's scary.
  • Otho probably deserves worse than that, but he does seem pretty horrified by this fashion disaster.
  • Once all that's taken care of, Betelgeuse comes over to Charles and Delia and calls them "Mom" and "Dad." Then he quick-changes into a burgundy tuxedo. Lydia looks down and she's in a poofy red wedding dress. Looks like it's hitching time.
  • Betelgeuse animates Delia's sculptures so that they trap Charles and Delia as witnesses for the wedding. Her art is dangerous.
  • A tiny demon guy steps out of the fireplace to perform the ceremony. When he asks Lydia if she takes Betelgeuse to be her husband, she tries to object and say "Betelgeuse," but Betelgeuse imitates her voice and answers for her.
  • Once he recovers, Adam tries to say "Betelgeuse" and stop this once and for all, but Betelgeuse transports him into the model town.
  • Barbara is able to say "Betelgeuse" twice, too, before Betelgeuse sends her packing to the land of sandworms.
  • It's looking like Betelgeuse and Lydia are about to become man and wife when Adam manages to start up the car from the model town and run it off the table and ram it into Betelgeuse's foot.
  • He hops away in pain at the same time as Barbara crashes through the ceiling riding on the back of a sandworm. The sandworm swallows Betelgeuse whole and takes him down as it exits through the floor of the house.
  • Lydia's saved from a lifetime as Mrs. Betelgeuse. Adam and Barbara are reunited. Delia and Charles are released from the sculptures.
  • Everyone looks at each other and seems to think—holy ghosts, glad that's over.

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