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Beetlejuice Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

High Marks

  • Later, we see Lydia leaving Miss Shannon's School for Girls on her bike.
  • Back at the house, Adam and Barbara are restoring the home back to how it used to be. Barbara's putting up wallpaper and Adam's working on the model town.
  • Lydia comes in the door and hands Adam paints and pictures of the new town hall.
  • She tells them that she got a C on her science test, but an A on her math test. Maybe that means she gets to do a certain something special?
  • Adam looks at the rocking chair and it starts to move as Harry Belafonte's "Jump in the Line (Shake Senora)" begins to play.
  • Upstairs in the study, Charles reads the book The Living and the Dead: Harmonious Lifestyles and Peaceful Co-Existence.
  • Suddenly, someone thrusts a sculpture of Betelgeuse's snakehead into his face and he screams and falls back in his chair.
  • It's Delia's sculpture. It's a good sign though. It means Charles likes her work.
  • Downstairs, Lydia floats up and dances in front of the staircase as the music plays—a reward for her good grades.

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