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Beetlejuice Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

Recently Deceased

  • When the Maitlands arrive back at home, they're soaking wet. Barbara also notices that there's a fire going in the fireplace. Weird. That wasn't burning when they left.
  • Adam and Barbara sit down to warm themselves by the fireplace and flames shoot up at them. They also catch Barbara's fingers on fire like candles. Um, okay.
  • Then Adam realizes he doesn't quite remember how they got back to the house. Maybe he should go back to the bridge and retrace their steps.
  • But when Adam heads outside and steps off the porch, the scene suddenly changes. He's in a world filled with sand. He hears creepy sounds and sees something moving.
  • Just then Barbara snatches Adam from behind. Even though Adam's only been gone for about five seconds, she tells him that he disappeared for two hours.
  • In that time, she discovered that she doesn't have a reflection in a mirror anymore. That's troubling.
  • She also points out a book that just appeared on one of their side tables—The Handbook for the Recently Deceased.
  • It's then that Barbara suspects the truth—they didn't survive the crash. Shmoop blames the dog.
  • In their bedroom, Barbara and Adam read over The Handbook for the Recently Deceased and try to figure out what's going on. Why are they in the house? How long do they have to be here? Why did Adam disappear off the porch?
  • The Handbook isn't much help though. It reads like "stereo instructions." Basically, it's uber-complicated and confusing.

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