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Beetlejuice Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

Perusing the Obits

  • The Maitlands aren't the only dead folks in town.
  • The camera pans down to a candle-lit hole in the ground filled with ads for "Betelgeuse the Bio-Exorcist." There's a creepy-sounding guy who reads a newspaper and looks for his next victims, er, clients in the obituary section.
  • Hey, how about those Maitlands? They look nice and stupid.
  • We've got a bad feeling about this dude.
  • Meanwhile, in the attic of the Maitlands house, Adam's trying to figure out where their graves should be in the model town while Barbara is trying to clean up all the dust.
  • Just then, they hear a car outside. It's Jane again.
  • Adam yells down to her, but she doesn't look up at all. Barbara tells him that's because the book says, "The living usually won't see the dead."
  • Being dead is really frustrating.
  • Then, Adam has a thought—maybe they don't have to worry. After all, they're dead. What bad things could really happen to them?
  • We're not so sure about that. In the front lawn, the camera pans past a "For Sale" sign with a big fat "Sold" on top of it.
  • Looks like Jane got her wish. And her commission.

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