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Beetlejuice Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

Enter the Deetzes

  • One morning, Barbara and Adam wake up to shaking and banging noises downstairs.
  • They rush out onto the second floor landing in time to see a couch being wheeled by some movers. A disgruntled-looking woman named Delia Deetz walks in behind it.
  • Her husband Charles greets her and welcomes her to her new home. It's clear that Charles is totally thrilled to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City and relax in this idyllic country setting.
  • Delia, who fancies herself as a bit of an artist, has other ideas. Those involve tearing this gorgeous little house to shreds and replacing it with something her artistic sensibilities can tolerate.
  • The movers bring in a black leather chair with a teenage girl on it. Lydia is Charles' daughter and she's not totally against the house.
  • She's holding a camera and she's dressed in black from head to toe, so the cobwebs and spider on the banister are a major selling point for her.
  • A minute later, a man tries to make his way through the window. Apparently, coming in the front door is bad luck. He's Otho, Delia's decorator, and he's left NYC to help Delia ruin—we mean remodel— this cozy country dream home.
  • We've only known him and Delia for about two minutes and already we don't like them.
  • Adam and Barbara feel the same way. Is this some kind of a punishment?
  • Adam has an idea. He's been reading The Handbook and there's a word for people like themselves—ghosts.
  • Time to get down to haunting.

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