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Beetlejuice Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Ghostly Gambits

  • Delia and Otho get to work.
  • According to these two, the Maitlands house obviously has no flow. And all this terrible wallpaper is gonna have to be covered up. Probably some walls are gonna have to go, too.
  • When Otho and Delia open the closet in one of the upstairs bedrooms they gasp. Barbara is hanging in there by a noose. Then she reaches up and pulls the skin off her face and screams.
  • Goodness, these closets are small, Otho remarks as he pushes Barbara aside. Well, that didn't work very well.
  • Otho does notice some wedding clothes. Delia explains that they belonged to the people who lived in this house. They died.
  • In the study, Otho and Delia meet another grisly scene—Barbara has chopped off Adam's head with a knife and is standing over him looking insane.
  • Otho's more concerned about Barbara's bad taste in décor.
  • Guess the Handbook was right. The living can't usually see the dead.
  • Just then, Charles jumps into the room. He begs Delia not to destroy the whole house. Maybe she can just keep one room as it was? How about the study? She agrees and keeps on making plans.
  • Adam realizes he forgot to lock the attic door when he hears Otho and Delia discussing what's on the third floor. He rushes past them on the stairs and shuts the door right in front of them.
  • Delia isn't concerned, but Otho's got a feeling there's something really interesting behind that door. Otho might be smarter than he looks.
  • Back in the study, Charles is trying to relax and Barbara is freaking out. This is just too much. She can't take it anymore so she runs out of the house.

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