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Beetlejuice Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7


  • Outside, Adam and Barbara drop into Sand World again.
  • It's all creepy with weird tree-like shapes jutting out of the sand and a giant moon in the background. Then something moves…
  • It's a giant worm—a sand worm. It has two heads. One comes out of its mouth. It lunges for Barbra and she smacks it in the face.
  • Adam and Barbara manage to find the door to their house and escape back inside, but they're not exactly feeling warm and safe inside either.
  • Now they're trapped in their house with the Deetzes.
  • That night, Charles, Delia, and Lydia have dinner together and complain about the quality of Cantonese take-out in this little New England town.
  • Lydia's wearing a black veil at the table. She was Goth before it was cool.
  • Charles tells her not to worry about the new house—he can build her a darkroom in the basement once they're all moved in.
  • Lydia's life is one big dark room, she says. She's gone total emo.
  • Delia's miserable, too. But there are some bright sides. Maybe she could start sculpting again. That would make her happy.
  • Charles thinks that's a wonderful—and time-consuming—idea.
  • And Delia will get to all that, but first she's gonna tackle the house. All the old furniture has to go, along with the stuff in the attic.
  • Adam and Barbara are hating these new houseguests more and more.

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