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Beetlejuice Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

Moving Day

  • It's moving day and Delia is being insane and overbearing as usual.
  • Adam and Barbara are up in the attic desperately paging through The Handbook trying to figure out how to get rid of these awful people.
  • Just then, an ad falls out of its pages. It's for "Betelgeuse the Bio-Exorcist." If you've got trouble with the living, you're supposed to call Betelgeuse, but there are no instructions or anything. Adam and Barbara are confused.
  • Outside, Delia's screaming about her sculptures. One of them is swinging around wildly on a crane. We'd like to mention that it's really pointy.
  • Inside the kitchen, Charles tries to relax by making a pot of tea when the sculpture comes crashing through the window. So much for the simple life.
  • When they pull the sculpture back from the window, it swings towards Delia and traps her against the house. It's not a great day for her so far.
  • Lydia's walking around outside this whole time snapping pictures with her camera. When she looks up at the attic she spots the Maitlands. But that can't be, right? Can the living see the dead?
  • A minute later, Jane Butterfield's car pulls up. She tells Lydia that the people who used to live in the house drowned and then hands her a skeleton key to open any door in the house.

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