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Beetlejuice Home

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It's just like Barbara and Dorothy said: "There's no place like home." The Maitlands adore their house, which is why they're not upset that they have to spend 125 years haunting it after their death. What they are slightly panicked about is the idea of watching the Deetzes trash the place they worked so hard on. Do you have any idea how long it takes to hang wallpaper?

At its core, Beetlejuice is pretty much a story about turf war over one lovely house in Winter River, Connecticut. The Maitlands see the house as a home; the Deetzes see it as an investment. In the end, the families decide to try to co-exist peacefully. Although we're not sure if coexist is the right word when half the family is dead. Still, home is where the heart is, even if the heart isn't beating.

Questions About Home

  1. Why do you think Jane is trying to sell the Maitland's house even while they're still alive? What do you think the filmmakers think about real estate agents and developers?
  2. Charles decided to move away from New York City because he has some kind of nervous breakdown. Why do you think he specifically chooses Winter River? And why this house?
  3. Do you prefer the house before or after Delia's makeover? It's okay to be honest. No one will haunt you.

Chew on This

Delia gives the house a postmodern makeover as a way to show that she is up on current interior design trends and that she has a whole lot of money to blow. She's got no respect for its history.

Adam and Barbara decide that their house isn't worth waging WWIII over. They decide to let the Deetzes stay in order to be close to Lydia, putting people over possessions.

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