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Production Studio

New Regency, Fox Searchlight Pictures, TSG Entertainment, Worldview Entertainment

Yeah—it definitely took more than a few people to push Birdman out of the nest and into the freefall of stardom, so let's get to know each of the film's many, many producers and financers.

It was the pockets of New Regency and Fox Searchlight Pictures that funded the film. Both companies had just worked together to fund 12 Years a Slave (so they know a thing or two about making sure Academy Award winners get made) and Brad Weston of New Regency and Claudia Lewis of Searchlight both worked closely with Iñárritu on the preproduction of Birdman.

The financing company TSG Entertainment also lent its coffers to the project, despite it having decidedly less running around than Maze Runner, Taken 3, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. And let's not forget Worldview Entertainment, who managed to slot in Birdman between The Green Inferno and its sequel.

And then there were the solo producers: dudes with more money than you could fit in Scrooge McDuck's swimming pool, and more Hollywood connections than…well, also more than you could fit in Scrooge McDuck's swimming pool.

John Lesher is relatively new to the independent producer scene, but has already had some hits like Fury and Black Mass (and Birdman itself, of course). James Skotchdopole was also able to share in the glory of the Academy Award winner to go along with the Tarantino films he's produced…and other '80s and '90s films you haven't heard of that he's been an assistant director on.

But these careers are nothing compared to the prolific Arnon Milchan. Founder of New Regency, Milchan sold his Israeli fertilizer company (we're not kidding) and has since produced a whopping 130 movies of various quality and thematic interest ranging from Fight Club to Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

Bonus: he was also involved in some top-secret Israeli government nuclear weapon shenanigans, a story covered by the 2011 unauthorized biography Confidential - The Life Of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon. Oh, dang. We can't wait for Milchan to produce a movie adaptation.

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