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Birdman Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Birdman is at it again, berating Riggan for leaving the movie industry to become a washed-up actor holding onto the vestiges of his once-illustrious career.
  • Riggan tells Birdman to shut up and go away, but he doesn't.
  • So Riggan starts throwing things around with his telekinesis, breaking just about everything in (or out) of reach.
  • He feels like he's disappearing, both physically and in terms of relevance. He's worried that Birdman is right and he's nothing more than a joke.
  • Jake comes in and it appears that Riggan's yelling at nobody and throwing things with his hands. Hmm. Seems like those telekinetic powers and Birdman are both figments of Riggan's fevered imagination.
  • Riggan cools down and both Jake and Lesley comfort him, telling him their final preview is going to be great.
  • As Lesley leaves, the camera pans to Mike. He comes out of his room and walks to the balcony, where he finds Sam.
  • Mike spends a while talking about how special she is, even if she's a mess. She kisses him but Mike isn't having it.
  • Then she walks away, asking "Truth or dare?" but not taking truth for an answer.
  • She leads him to the catwalk where she kisses him again. Finally, he concedes to making out with her.

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