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Birdman Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Riggan's having a drink at the bar when he notices Tabitha is back. He decides to go talk to her and show her his Carver memorabilia.
  • This was a mistake: she doesn't care about it and she doesn't care about him. She hates him and the entitled celebrity that he is.
  • He thinks he's an actor that can somehow write and direct his own play? With no prior experience? She says she's going to pan his play‚Ķeven though she hasn't even seen it yet.
  • This makes Riggan (understandably) mad. He smashes a glass and tells her she's nothing but a labeler. There's not substance in anything she writes.
  • He tells her there's nothing at stake for her but everything at stake for him. She still doesn't care; his play is as good as dead.
  • He buys some whiskey and gets drunk, passing a guy reciting a scene from Macbeth.
  • Then Riggan sits down and goes to sleep on the pavement.

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