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Birdman Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • What do you know: Birdman wakes Riggan up and starts talking to him. And it's not just the voice—this Birdman is the real deal, a dude in a big, black, bird suit.
  • He follows Riggan around, walking or flying behind him. He talks about what they used to be together and how they should go back to being movie stars.
  • Everything around Riggan erupts into action: the swat team rolls up, missiles are shot, helicopters wheel overhead with guns blazing, a giant robotic bird appears out of nowhere.
  • "People love this s***," Birdman tells him.
  • Riggan begins to levitate up to the top story of a building and Birdman tells him they need to go out on their terms, with a bang.
  • People below are worried he will jump; they know it's Birdman up there.
  • On the roof, a man helps him away from the ledge, but Riggan suddenly turns and leaps off the building…and starts flying.
  • He flies above the streets and Birdman tells him he belongs here, above everyone else.
  • He lands in front of the theater and walks inside. The day fades to night.

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