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Birdman Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Riggan's in a hospital bed and we look at the room from his POV. Sylvia's standing by the window as Jake comes in.
  • Jake's ecstatic. Tabitha wrote the best possible review—Jake is going on and on about how they show will sell out every night, run forever, and there will be a book deal.
  • Sylvia's not amused. She thinks Tabitha's review is nonsense and slaps Jake.
  • Riggan has a mask over his face. He apparently missed his head and shot his nose off.
  • Jake says he'll get charged with carrying a firearm and to tell anybody who asks that it was all an accident. Sylvia definitely isn't buying the "it was an accident" line.
  • Jake leaves to hold back the tides of reporters as Sam comes in carrying flowers. Her mother leaves and she tells Riggan about the Twitter account she created for him. He has lots of followers already.
  • He holds her for a moment before she leaves to get a vase for the flowers.
  • Then he goes to the bathroom where he takes off his mask, shocked by what his new nose looks like (and also the rest of his face, which is bruised black and blue).
  • Birdman's there. Yup, our friend in the bird-suit is back…and using the toilet. But he doesn't say anything.
  • Riggan leaves with a "Bye-bye, and f*** you." It's the last we see of Birdman.
  • Riggan goes to the window and looks out at a flock of birds. He opens the window and leans out.
  • When Sam comes back with a vase she can't find her dad. Suddenly she sees the open window and freaks out.
  • Running to it, she looks out and down, but there's no sign of him.
  • Then she looks up. She stares for a second in disbelief, and then smiles…just as the movie ends.

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