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Birdman Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Riggan hears a deep voice talking to him. The voice is coming from inside of his head and is telling him that he could have had it all.
  • This is the voice of Birdman, the character he used to play. He's berating Riggan for giving up a life of stardom and money and fame to become a nobody director.
  • Riggan tries deep breathing but it doesn't help the voice go away.
  • So instead he uses his telekinetic powers to smash Sam's vase of flowers against the wall.
  • In the next moment he's in the middle of a media interview where he's being questioned by a tabloid woman wondering about the pig semen he may or may not inject for its facial rejuvenating properties, a theater critic who suggests the play is an attempt to not be a washed up movie star, and a Chinese reporter who's really excited by the idea of a new Birdman movie.
  • Jake comes in and these people go away. Jake has the Ralph situation under control but now they're stressing about finding an actor.
  • Lesley, one of the actresses, comes in and says her lover Mike, a famous theater actor, wants to do it. Everyone's excited.

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