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Birdman Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Laura, the other actress in the play, pulls Riggan aside. She tells him she's missed her last two periods. She thinks she's pregnant.
  • Laura's very excited and happy about this. Riggan says he is too, although he's not very believable. (Isn't he supposed to be an actor?)
  • Then it's first preview time. Just before Riggan walks out on his cue, he's told that Mike might be drinking real gin.
  • Riggan replaces the gin with water and begins to deliver his monologue when Mike interrupts him.
  • Mike's upset about how fake everything is—the set is fake, Riggan's acting is fake.
  • Mike's totally wasted. But he says he's supposed to be drunk, and so is Riggan.
  • The audience boos Mike when he interrupts the play, but by the time Riggan orders the curtains to close, they're clapping. It's not clear at what or whom.

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