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Birdman Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Jake grabs Riggan on the way to his room. He says they can't get rid of Mike no matter what. He's already doubled advance sales.
  • Jake gets emotional and talks about being respected and validated through the play; after all this respect and validation is how Riggan sold him on doing the play in the first place.
  • Riggan promises to get Mike under control, but first he has to talk with Sylvia, his ex-wife, who's waiting for him unexpectedly in his office.
  • She tells him he needs to be there for Sam, who just got out of rehab. Riggan doesn't seem as concerned.
  • Riggan talks symbolically about his desire for fame and prestige, which upsets Sylvia.
  • She rehashes that they broke up when he threw a kitchen knife at her one minute and the told her he loved her the next minute.
  • Whoa. Riggan doesn't seem too stable.

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