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Birdman Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • There's another preview going on: Laura's onstage during the play's dream sequence, giving a monologue about her lover and her baby.
  • Behind the set, Lesley and Mike get into bed for the upcoming sex scene.
  • Mike has an erection and decides he wants to actually have sex with Lesley, who's definitely not having it.
  • When Mike has to hop out of bed, the audience laughs because his erection shows through his pajama pants.
  • Oh—important plot point: in the play, when Riggan's character finds his wife in bed with her lover he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head.
  • The play's preview night ends and Lesley is really upset at Mike. Laura comforts her in her dressing room and Riggan comes in and does the same.
  • This makes Laura sad because he's never sweet to her, even though they've been together for two years.
  • Lesley and Laura smile about how pathetic they are—and then make out.
  • Mike interrupts them but Lesley throws a hair dryer and an expletive his way so he leaves, muttering "actresses."

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