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Birdman Truth

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Birdman is full of contradictory opinions about truth. Mike is truthful onstage and a lying liar offstage. Riggan believes that social media is all fakery, while Sam believes it's how you achieve true power. Lesley thinks that the offstage world is inherently more honest than the onstage one.

So what's the truth? How can you define real authenticity in a world where everyone's pretending all the time, either for the sake of a good selfie or just because society demands a certain amount of artifice?

These are deep questions, y'all. And Birdman grapples with all of them.

Questions About Truth

  1. Do you think that the digital world has brought with it a lack of authenticity?
  2. How does truth tie into reputation? Can someone's reputation be a lie, or does someone's reputation inform the person they are?
  3. How easy is it for people to lie to themselves? Are there things that Riggan's not honest with himself about?

Chew on This

An honest performance is actually the furthest thing from the truth. The most honest performance is actually just the best lie.

An honest performance is created when an actor fully connects with the persona they're playing. Mike's method acting is an act of authenticity that allows him to give such powerful performances.

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