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Blade Runner Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh)

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Bryant (M. Emmet Walsh)

Bryant is the obnoxious policeman who acts as Deckard's boss. He's evidently bigoted against the replicants, referring to them as "skin jobs," and he doesn't have any problem pulling rank on Deckard, pointing out that a blade runner is a little person compared to an actual cop.

He's important in that he assigns Deckard's mission to him—okay, he forces Deckard to accept it—but he doesn't really appear that much in the film as a whole. Deckard finds him fairly off-putting: Bryant is delighted at Zhora's death and tells Deckard that Rachael needs to be killed, too, since she decided to run away from her controllers after realizing that she was a replicant (which was partly Deckard's fault).

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