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Blade Runner Leon (Brion James)

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Leon (Brion James)

Leon Kowalski shows up in the very first scene of the movie. He's a replicant undergoing the Voight-Kampff empathy test, which is designed to distinguish between humans and replicants. But rather than sit there and keep letting the test demonstrate that he's not a real human, Leon decides to shoot the interviewer, a blade runner named Holden.

We later see Leon when he and Roy play rough with the genetic eye designer Hannibal Chew. He makes his final appearance right after Deckard kills the replicant Zhora, attempting to murder Deckard himself. But Rachael shows up and blows Leon away, saving Deckard's life.

It seems he was in a romantic relationship with Zhora, since one of the scales from her snake was found in his shower. All these replicants having romantic relationships makes you kind of wonder how non-human they actually areā€¦

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