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Blade Runner Pris (Daryl Hannah)

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Pris (Daryl Hannah)

Pris is a replicant who is notable for, among other things, crossing the room by doing somersaults as she tries to fight Deckard to the death in J. F. Sebastian's apartment. But Pris is more than just a deadly gymnast assassin—she waxes philosophical at times, even hitting J. F. Sebastian with a Descartes quote at one point: "I think, Sebastian, therefore I am."

Um, she has a point. All of the replicants seem totally capable of thinking independently, on their own. So are they just technology, or are they more than that?

In addition to sporting bleached hair and goth/punk/clown makeup, Pris is in a romantic relationship with Roy—and he gets pretty upset when Deckard shoots and kills her. We first see her when she scrounges around on the street, alone, before running into J.F. Sebastian—just the person she and the other replicants need to find, coincidentally—and seeking shelter at his apartment. There, she reunites with Roy before finally dying at Deckard's hands.

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