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Blade Runner Zhora (Joanna Cassidy)

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Zhora (Joanna Cassidy)

Zhora is a replicant working as an exotic dancer at a club owned by a dude named Taffey Lewis. She performs using an artificial snake, and she has a snake tattoo on her neck. In fact, Deckard tracks her down with help from a snake scale that he found in the shower at Leon's apartment, which leads him to the club where she's working. After a scene during which Deckard questions Zhora in her dressing room, she attacks him and tries to run away. After a chase through the teeming L.A. streets, Deckard guns her down as she crashes through a storefront's windows.

Apparently, Zhora was in a romantic relationship with Leon, another replicant. It seems kind of like a weird match, but whatever.

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