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Blade Runner Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

Trying to Enjoy Some Sushi in Peace 

  • As the movie begins, we see an opening text, which explains what Nexus 6 replicants are: artificial beings that are essentially identical to humans but are used as slaves on outer-space "Off World" colonies. They're not allowed on planet earth, and if any infiltrate, special policemen called blade runners are sent to track them down and kill them.
  • Next, we're in a futuristic L.A., complete with burning industrial torches (reflected in a human eye) and flying cars soaring near a weird pyramid-like building.
  • We see a blade runner, Holden, performing a special test—the Voight-Kampff Test—on a man named Leon, in order to find out if the guy is a rogue replicant or a human. The test functions by measuring the fluctuations of one of a Leon's eyes.
  • Holden and Leon are in the headquarters of a company called The Tyrell Corporation, and it's November 2019 (as of writing this we have about 3 years before we get humanoid slaves exploring the reaches of space so chop chop scientists).
  • Things start to go pretty badly, and Leon seems distressed. Finally, he pulls out a gun and shoots Holden.
  • The setting changes, and now, in the bowels of this futuristic L.A., we see another blade runner, Rick Deckard, getting a meal at a sushi stand. His co-worker, Gaff, interrupts him, and insists on dragging him down to the police station, where a new assignment awaits.

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