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Blade Runner Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

Bryant, Explainer in Chief

  • Deckard's boss, Bryant, tells him that they have four replicants on the loose in L.A. He explains that they killed a bunch of people and hijacked a shuttle to come to earth. Deckard's assignment is to track the replicants down and "retire" (kill) them.
  • When Deckard tries to suggest that Holden take the job, Bryant explains that he's already been shot and hospitalized. Deckard has no choice but to accept the mission.
  • Bryant fills Deckard in on some more details, showing him the video of Leon attacking Holden and explaining the replicants' names: there are two women, Pris and Zhora, and two men, Leon and Roy Batty, their probable leader. They all have a limited four-year lifespan.

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