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Blade Runner Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

A Collection of Kodak Moments

  • Deckard and Gaff fly over to Leon's apartment—which they've identified from his interview with Holden.
  • Deckard manages to find a snake's scale in the shower and some mysterious photos belonging to Leon.
  • The scene quickly switches to Leon himself, who meets with Roy on the street. Leon spotted Deck and Gaff at his apartment but managed to turn away undetected.
  • Roy and Leon go into the freezing cold lab of a genetic designer named Hannibal Chew—the man who designed their eyes. They strip off his protective suit and demand that he give them help in finding and speaking with their creator, Dr. Eldon Tyrell.
  • Chew tells the replicants to find another designer, J. F. Sebastian, who will be able to help them.
  • At Deckard's apartment, Rachael pays him a visit, surprising him in the elevator before thanking him for stopping by the Tyrell Corporation. They're clearly attracted to each other.
  • Rachael suspects that she's a replicant, but she shows Deckard a family photo. Deckard explains that all of Rachael's memories were programmed—they actually come from Tyrell's niece. This upsets Rachael, and Deckard weakly tries to take back what he said.
  • Deckard goes to get Rachael a drink, but when he returns, she's gone. However, she's left her family photo; it has a phone number written on the back of it.

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