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Blade Runner Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

His Friends are Sims

  • Another replicant, Pris, wanders alone around an alley, trying to hide under some trash. She ends up encountering the very man her confederates have been looking for—J. F. Sebastian, the genetic designer.
  • Pris is hungry, and together, she and J. F. Sebastian go to Sebastian's apartment, where they meet the weird toys he's personally designed and treats as his "friends."
  • Back at Deckard's apartment, Deck drinks and looks at family photos sitting by his piano. If you happen to be watching one of the newer, re-released cuts of the movie, you might find a weird, brief dream sequence involving a running unicorn placed right here.
  • Deckard pulls himself out of an alcoholic funk and studies Leon's family picture using a machine. It shows him that another replicant, Zhora, was staying at his apartment and that the scale is connected to her in some way.

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